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The ngumi impact story

Our story began in 2015. Back then we used to facilitate and power social institutions/brands in communicating their stories to their core audience/customers.

Today, we proudly do the same, but our mission has purposely evolved to be about the people. We inspire our community to go for great* and honor those who have achieved great moments in their journey.

Going for great to us does not only mean realizing our grandiose dreams but also accomplishing the little goals, the daily tasks that motivate us to keep going. Those are the great moments we need to go for and celebrate on our way to the top!

our name

What’s in a name? Ngumi is a Swahili word meaning fist and Impact cements our mission. Simply put, at Ngumi Impact we are obsessively strategic in enabling our community to go for their greatness.

our mission

To inspire our community to go for great* and honor those who have achieved great moments in their journey through tech and innovation.

our community

A community to us means a group of people with common goals. We are blessed to work with NGO’s, Hotels, Law Firms, Gaming, Aviation institutions among other esteemed organizations and brands to power their journey of greatness.

our inspiration

At Ngumi Impact, we strongly believe that we change the world one step at a time. People around the world are waking up every day with ideas that have great potential to achieve their greatest fulfillment and help solve local, regional and global problems. We are at the fore front of powering these ideas with innovative tools and communicating them to reach the people they are meant for.

our culture

We are in the front line of communication. Our culture is Listening! Quite obvious and yet very powerful. We power our community’s messages by listening from all angles and imagining what they want. We go further to present informed scenarios just to make sure we are going for greatness and nothing less. We listen to feedback too. This forms our backbone which is data, that we extensively rely on to make not just any but great decisions.

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